Modern horse breeding

How it evolved, matching sports needs

Cute foal

Who is the horse breeder nowadays?

Is he someone that raises foals pushed by the possibility of making money out of them? Or is he someone who puts passion and effortsin his lifetime work?

May be both. Actually, in this work more than in others, passion counts a lot. Your motivation and efforts are important in breeding good products, because you are dealing with living beings, having their own personality and different natural tendencies and attitudes.

Once you decided to become a breeder, you cannot think of it as a simple profit-making job. The natural uncertainty is your worst enemy, as well as your best ally. You do not know which one of your foals is going to make your fortune, but for sure you know that your time is never going to be wasted, since they are the living proof of the qualityof your work.

The first thing you need to set up is your target. Who are you breeding for? You want to have your horses bought by whom? According to this initial choice, your decisions about bloodlines will be different for sure.

If you have been in this world for enough time, you have an idea of how diverse bloodlines are, even within the same breed. Some sirs can produce good pro-horses that will be totally inadequate if your target are amateurs and non-pro riders. According to the bloodlines of themares you own, then, you should be able to choose the most adequatesir in order to produce the kind of colts you think will be the most appropriate.

This is the basic and most important skill that a breeder must have, letting aside the different theories that one can have about top bloodlines and progenitors.

What breeding results we can now expect to achieve?

Nowadays breeding techniques and sirs at disposal ensure the widest range of possibilities ever. In particular, the amount of obtainable information on each sir will restraint the possibility of making big mistakes. The level of uncertainty to which foal’s characteristics are subject to, has been sensibly reduced through years of breed selection.

Moreover, the vet research and evolution is now able to ensure the highest level of safety during mares pregnancy, as well as the reduction of the number of attempts needed.



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