Horse breeding: how a good foal looks like?

Playing foalsThat is, how to judge a breeder from his foals.

If we assume that the most accurate judgement of a breeder comes from observing the quality and results of his foals, then we must shift the attention to them and their traits.

Let’s analyze the main aspects of what makes a colt good, independently from his breed or his intended sport career.

1. Overall condition

The first thing we want to judge in a foal is the overall condition.

According to body condition scoring system, we should be able to determine the health of the colt and consequently the ability of his breeder in properly providing for the animal. We observe the coat and hooves , which are good indicators and give very detailed signs about the possible problems he may have encountered (i.e. inappropriate feeding).

Colt well-being not only regards his body, but also his state of mind. We should take notice of scared behaviours, uneasiness, or other little signs, pointing out that something is not right. Of course, every foal has his own personality, some of them being quieter or easier to handle. In any case, a correct initial training is very important in order to create a reliable sport horse.

The overall condition of the body and the mind is the prerequisite for anything else. We want our animals to be healthy at first, their well-being is the most important thing.

2. Morphology and pace

Your foal’s morphology should not be undervaluated. Having a good body shape will more easily prevent your foal to suffer from issues connected to how he is made up.

For example, the way in which his neck and shoulder are constructed will determine his predisposition to better tolerate a certain type of training and to build up the right musculature.

Morphology problems are difficult to face and to handle, beacause in most cases you cannot solve them radically. They can lead to muscular and tendons problems that will reflect on the overall well-being of the animal. If a breeder came across them, he should face them consciously, suggesting to the future owner the best training techniques, in order to guard the foal wellness.

If you are a good breeder and do not have any particular reason to raise up foals with such issues, you should try to mix up bloodlines in order to avoid transmission. Corrective sirs can ameliorate mares’ morphology and pace.

3. Easyness to ride

Unless you have a millions-worth top champion bloodline, then theeasyness to ride is the most important quality in order to sell to the public. As a breeder, you will select the correct sir for each of your mares, keeping in mind that you want a nice little foal with possibly a good level of the best characteristic of all progenitors.

Remember that it is not necessary that your foal is able to jump big, for him to be appreciated by amateur riders. For sure, he should have some attitudes in what he is supposed to do, otherwise his training will be excessively difficult and will hardly bring some results.

Whether you are a breeder or a horse owner, hope this was useful to you. Feel free to contact me if you want to know more at, or comment.

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