Horse business and the new communication

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How the last could help improving the other.

If you are a horse person like me, for sure you know how low-tech communication people we are.

I am not referring to the time we spend populating our personal social media channel, rather to the time for communication we dedicate to our business.

Caught up in concerns, taking care of horses, facing any kind of daily glitches, we barely have the time to take a shower once the day is over. Personally, just want to rest a bit at the sunset.

BUT (for sure there’s one), I will give you some reasons why you should spend more time caring about the appearances of your business in theWide World Community (namely, Internet and Socials).

The trending thought in advertising and communication industries preaches you MUST take care of your local business on the Social Medias or on the Internet in general.

Why you should care about these advices?

Well, it is quite long time that this view is mainstream and the Web is plenty of success stories, giving local business the route to popularity and money.

I do not want to say that having a well-known business automatically equals having good revenues from it. Especially in the horse world, as you may know, people can be well-known either for positive or negativebehaviours.

So, if you already fall in the category of professional and trustworthy horse businesses, then you will have some benefits from exploiting the following.

1) Establish your competitive advantages

Provided that you have all basics for becoming a successful and well frequented riding centre, you should diversify with respect to your competitors.

Every professional rider knows what he or she is best at, so why you do not exploit your skills by making people knowing what they are? A business website and a business social profile are powerful means to establish you competitive advantages. They allow a broad public knowing and spreading the word about the differences between whatyou offer and what competitors do, instead.

This is also a matter of what economists call consumer awareness.

2) Find the right people

Apart from conveying a professional appearance to what you (for sure) do with all your heart and body, it helps the public figuring out the level of committment you put on your work.

If you are a person appreciating the right surrounding and that pays attention to the social environment in his or her barn, than your presence on the Internet will help you conveying your values and mission, atracting people thinking as you.

You know how dangerous is having hassles and troubles in the barn and how it can ruin everybody’s day (definitely not desired for your affairs)!

3)Influence your audience

Having an online audience will for sure help you once it will come toorganize events. Working to create your online public requires time and efforts, but it has the positive effects of giving you the possibility toinfluence people’s thoughts and behaviours.

Audience will turn out in supporters, if people realize how well you work and how good you are.

I hope these brief thoughts will help you being successful. If you enjoyed reading, please hit recommend, this would be very important and appreciated!

Source: personal experience and by-night reflections. As rider, do not have much time to spend thinking, but I am trying to make out.

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