Best Sardinian youngsters going to Verona International Horse Fair

Tanca regia, Settembre 2013

Tanca regia, Settembre 2013

Good representatives of Sardinian best breeding will show up in Fieracavalli.

The international horse fair, held in Verona from the 7th to the 10th November, will give the opportunity to visitors to have a sense of best italian horses coming from all regions.

Only 3y-old youngsters, ranked in the highest 7% of each Regional Cup can participate to Verona Breeding Shows.

For what regards Sardinian Regional Cup, here below the best horses of the year that for sure you will be able to notice in the fair:


  1. Rasignada (from Ksar Sitte and Bohemien) owner Borrodde Giovanni Antonio, breeder Migheli Francesco
  2. Ramona (from Concoral and Caramba) owner and breeder Fais Sebastiano
  3. Raminzu (from Liberty First and Carapina) owner and breeder Piras Leonarda


  1. Rosa dei Venti Bay (from Acolord and Lugherras) owner and breeder Brasu Pietro
  2. Rosemary de Is Morus (from Robine and Bimbina) owner and breeder Garau Stefano
  3. Rena (from Ksar Sitte and Unta II) owner Columbu Giovanni, breeder Sanna Ugo Franco


  1. Rabat Joie (from Acodetto and Ikebana Baia) owner and breeder Fois Antonio
  2. Rhan (from Concoral and Tormenta I) owner and breeder Piga Andrea
  3. Rispetto de Villanova (from Acontender M and Gemma de Villanova) owner and breeder Sechi Francesco


  1. Raimunda de Marchesana (from Cascari and Gioia de Marchesana) owner Hills Isabella, breeder Franzoni Gian Pietro
  2. Rocky de Morimenta (from Lincolm L and Cesira Baia) owner and breeder Casula Piero
  3. Rabat Joie (from Acodetto and Ikebana Baia) owner and breeder Fois Antonio

If you are willing to check complete rankings click here for download.



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